NFL Draft Top 5 options for the Giants at #6

Well, Giants Fans, it’s that time of year again. NFL Draft season has always been one of my favorite times. It’s a clean slate filled with hope and optimism; for the G-men, it is usually a top-ten pick. It’s a season filled with free agency signings, evaluating mock drafts, watching highlight reels, and dreaming of getting that game-changing player to define your franchise’s future for the next decade. 

This year’s draft is as enjoyable as they come, with deep position groups at Wide Receiver, Tackle, and a QB-centric top-5 conversation. As it stands now, it’s almost guaranteed that three QBs will be taken in the top 5 (probably picks 1,2 and 3), with many projecting the possibility of four going in the first four picks. Due to the uncertainty of the draft, I will be going off the consensus of draft experts and betting odds. I will only assume that Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels will be entirely out of reach for the Giants, meaning no matter what, at least 1 of these five options will still be on the board at pick #6. 

Option #5 Trade way back 

The Giants have a lot of holes. Although this is not the fun pick, the Giants should consider trading way back depending on how the first five picks shake out for the right offer. Depending on how the draft shakes out, the Giant’s pick can increase in draft capital; if the Godfather offer comes, you take it. The Giants only have a slight draft capital outside of this pick. They could maximize value in this year’s draft and gain additional picks next year to continue loading up the roster with young, cheap talent and fill the glaring holes that seemingly never disappear. Depending on who we’re trading with, if someone offers a deal in the vicinity of their first this year, next year’s first, and this year’s second, plus a sweetener or two, I’d have a hard time turning down that offer unless you are in love with picking a guy still on the board.

Option #4 Trade not so far back, Target Brock Bowers, Georgia 

Ok, so this one is a little funky, but I see three trade-back possibilities with the Bears (#9), Vikings (#11), or the Jets (#10). The Vikings would be moving up for a QB. I see one of the Bears or Jets trying to make a move up either for a receiver or tackle, depending on how they grade the top guys.

If the Giants could gain some additional draft capital while adding a bonafide playmaker in Brock Bowers, they shouldn’t hesitate, although trading back comes with the risk of losing out. First, has anyone noticed the trend of how vital and undervalued the TE position is? Look at all the best teams and best QB pass catcher combos of the last 20 years that resulted in Superbowls. Brady & Gronk and Mahomes & Kelce combine for seven alone. All the best teams have elite TEs or guys who could work the middle, like Stafford and Kupp’s 2022 SB run.

The 49ers have Kittle; the Lions drafted Sam LaPorta, and to a lesser extent, Hockenson with the Vikings and Njoku with the Browns. The Giants have a legitimate question mark at TE with the unknown status of Darren Waller’s retirement and the limited snaps Bellinger played last season, who I am still very high on. The Giants should consider drafting Brock Bowers; he gives them playmaking ability and is elite at run after the catch, which the Giants were at the bottom of the league last year. If we ride with Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Tommy Cutlets, let’s get them a pass-catching TE best friend coupled with Bellinger to secure the TE room for years. 

Option #3 Malik Nabers, LSU

Would I like to see another LSU wide receiver wearing Giants blue? I prefer Malik Nabers over MHJ from a pure talent perspective because his tape is breathtaking. The way he uses leverage, cuts in and out of breaks, and his speed is phenomenal. He pops off the screen differently, blowing past the deepest of safeties. I put him at #3 behind MHJ because of Marvin Harrison’s pedigree and quiet, unbothered demeanor that may fit with New York media like Eli did. I refuse to acknowledge borderline defamatory “anonymous source” comments attacking Nabers on his character. Still, Malik Nabers addressed the possibility of being drafted by the Giants, which concerned me.

Here’s the quote: “That’s a decision that’s going to have to be placed when I hear my name called,” Nabers said on CBS Sports HQ. “I don’t know where I’m going. Going to New York wouldn’t be a bad idea. They will figure out the quarterback situation, especially if a caliber receiver is coming like me. They will want to get me the ball, so they will want a quarterback to do that.” 

Tell me you don’t want to play with Daniel Jones without telling me you don’t want to play with Daniel Jones. The problem is, if they draft Nabers at #6, they will be relying on Daniel Jones for part of next season as the starter unless they dip into future draft capital, like the Texans last year. Malik Nabers is the most likely pick for the Giants at six. It fits a need, and the Giants get the most talented receiver in the draft. 

Option #2: Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State 

What more could you want from a prospect? He is as close to perfect as it gets. He’s been highly productive in college, is a fantastic route runner, plays fast and strong at the catch point, with a big frame, and, by all reports, is a tremendous guy with Hall of Fame pedigree as the son of Legendary Wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Marvin Harrison Jr. is the kind of guy who won’t let NFL fame success or the NY media market affect him. He’s quiet, humble, and out-of-this-world talented. He’s exceeded lofty expectations coming into college, and I think he will continue that trajectory at the NFL level. If Marvin Harrison is on the board at #6, and there is no QB you feel strongly about, you sprint to the podium with his name on that card. 

Option #1 Drake Maye, UNC

Quarterback is king; you don’t pass on him if he’s your guy. I have not entirely given up on Daniel Jones, but part of me thinks the Giants and Daniel Jones could benefit from a change of scenery. The offensive line, or lack thereof, has ruined his ability to play freely without fear because this unit has been historically bad. With the way things are going, I think Daniel Jones would benefit from playing in a media market with less of a spotlight, with the departure of Saquon, his injury history, the coaching debacle last year, and the other slew of issues plaguing the Giants it might be time to part ways. 

But this pick is about Drake Maye. Drake Maye has a big frame, a massive arm, and a jaw-dropping playmaking ability but is knocked for his inability to make consistent throws on target with anticipation on the “easy” throws. He makes the extraordinary look ordinary but makes the easy throws look difficult. Many have compared Josh Allen and Justin Herbert, blaming his offense and surrounding talent for his flaws. I don’t blame them. I had the same concerns with Josh Allen coming out and not being able to get over his career 56% completion percentage. Prospects need to improve their completion percentage when they jump into the NFL. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Giants have had Drake Maye on their radar since day one. The Giants attended six of Drake Mayes’s games this season, and Joe Schoen personally attended one against the University of South Carolina.

If you know anything about UNC Football outside of Drake Maye, there is little other NFL draft-caliber talent on that roster, so it’s clear who they came to see. Eli Manning has reportedly been working out with Drake Maye on multiple occasions, further pushing the narrative that they might be the Giants guy. Luckily for the Giants, Drake Maye was the presumed #2 overall pick till the last few months, where rumors of him likely falling have spread rampantly as Jayden Daniels soared as the popular choice for the Commanders at #2. If this is the guy the Giants want, I am not opposed to trading up for the right price or taking him at #6 if, by some miracle, he falls that far. 

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