“It isn’t about the money; I want to be a Giant for life.” What we thought was the truth has turned out not to be so.

Former second overall pick Saquan Barkley has signed a three-year deal worth $37.75 million with $26 million guaranteed with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles.

As bad as it is that Barkley will not be “A Giant for Life,” it is even more painstaking to see him in Eagle Green. The Giants, with Barkley, are 3-10 against the Eagles. Maybe he can now taste victory in the heated rivalry.

The move for Barkley is clearly good for him; the Giants had let him down since the day he was selected. They never had the offensive line to a standard that would be considered NFL level, a quarterback that the franchise honestly did not believe, and a defense that could never get off the field—through all that Barkley competed, through injury, and through the New York fans.

He was supposed to be the face of a franchise that never gave him a chance. The front office wasted his prime years and should feel ashamed of how they treated him.