Micah McFadden: Is this who you expected to be this week’s biggest winner? Me neither, but Micah McFadden had himself a GAME. He was flying all over the field; off the top of my head, he had at least 3, maybe four massive tackles for a loss, which set up third and longs that we blew, but he gave us a shot. He was all over the field, racking up ten total tackles.

Graham Gano: Mr. Automatic did it again. He went 2/2 on field goals with a long 57-yarder to close the half and put three more on the board. At that moment, Gano’s FG felt important since the Giants hurried down the field with under two minutes remaining with a single timeout left that had to be used because Parris Campbell tripped and didn’t get out of bounds.

Kayvon Thibodeaux: Kayvon got his first and the Giant’s first sack of the season. He’s been receiving a lot of heat about his recent production, so I am sure this one felt good. This was a coverage sack, and he got chop-blocked by Kyle Juszczyk and got an unblocked cleanup sack from DJ Davidson, forcing Brock Purdy to step up in the pocket. Either way, Kayvon got his sack, and I’ll put him back in the winner’s column every week if he keeps producing and proving the doubters wrong. I am choosing to ignore his illegal contact penalty in the red zone, but let’s not make a habit of it.

Jamie Gillian: You know it’s a bad game when your punter may have had the best performance on the team. Jamie Gillian, or the Scottish Hammer, had an outstanding performance, as most fans know him. He punted six times and averaged 52.7 yards per punt. The average NFL punt is 45 yards; if you know anything about punting, 52.7 yards per punt is absurd. He only kicked one punt inside the 20, but this was because our field position was so backed up punting the ball. He kicked bombs all day, with a 60-yarder as his longest punt. Great job by the Scottish Hammer, but let’s hope this is the last time you’ll make the list this season.

Picking winners was hard, but narrowing the list of losers may be even more challenging.


Shane Lemieux: Shane Lemieux had a horrific game, plain and simple. He allowed five pressures, four hurries, and one sack for a whopping 3.8 grade in pass protection. He was getting eaten up on the interior the whole game. I understand our offensive line room’s current state of affairs, but how long can we sing this sad song? At some point, the offensive line needs to hold up in pass protection long enough to scheme plays downfield!! Although the Cowboys and 49ers defensive lines should be the best units we face all year unless we make an adjustment and they start to gel as a unit, the Cowboys, Commanders, and Philly will have a field day stat padding their sack totals the next time we see them.

Darren Waller: It was not a good outing from our latest edition to the TE room. Waller was targeted seven times with only three catches for 20 yards. Those targets included missing the catch on 3rd and 17, popping the ball up for a 49ers INT, and dropping a catch on 3rd and 11 in the fourth quarter. Overall, it was a very frustrating day for Darren Waller and Giants fans tired of seeing tight ends drop crucial passes. (Sorry, Evan Engram, you didn’t deserve that.)

Daniel Jones: I hate to do this to DJ because I thought he played fine. His throws were on target, he had excellent pocket awareness, and he protected the ball well. His interception was yet another great throw to hit the receiver in the hands and bounce up to become an interception. I do this because he’s the 40 million dollar guy, and 137 yards, no touchdowns, and an INT isn’t cutting it.

Gary Brightwell: I can’t say that since the Giants have drafted Brightwell, he has shown me any reason to keep him on the 53-man roster. He needs to be more effective in the run game. Last night, he had four carries for 5 yards! He dropped an easy pass on 3rd down but did catch two balls for 31 yards, which was 1 yard short of leading the team.

Darnay Holmes: I’d like to add a third item to the list of certainties: death, taxes, and Darnay Holmes holding penalties in the red zone. It almost felt nostalgic. After a moment of reflective anger, I quickly realized he was on the field because Deonte Banks was hurt. Luckily, it doesn’t seem too serious, or else I’d expect Darnay Holmes to be a recurring guest on my weekly loser list.