When I thought things couldn’t get worse, the Giants managed to sink to new lows. The Giants lost to the Raiders an embarrassing 30-6. From the moment the game started, the G-men looked outmatched. Daniel Jones didn’t look comfortable for the first quarter, but he was able to play before leaving the game with a heartbreaking ACL injury. The defense looked disinterested and slower than usual. This is another week with few bright spots and a lot of disappointment.


Daniel Jones: Did Daniel Jones’s one-quarter of football deserve a spot on the winner’s list? No, not even close. But DJ deserves this spot because he will battle in rehab for the next nine months, and this organization let him down. Daniel gave this organization everything he had. He took beating after beating, playing behind JV’s offensive lines. It was only a matter of time before he got seriously injured. It’s sad to think, that less than a year after he won his first playoff game, it seems likely he has taken his last snap as a NY Giant.

Saquon Barkley: 90 yards rushing, averaging 5.6 yards a carry, he also caught three balls for 23 yards. Saquon had a very respectable day, nothing super crazy, but he performed well when everyone around him wasn’t.

Parris Campbell: A guy that I have been very harsh on throughout the season, he may have finally carved out a role for himself as a kick returner. His usage early in the season as a wide receiver was pitiful, and Wan’Dale eventually took over those touches. I thought it was over for him. Before Sunday, I saw Parris Campbell as a wasted roster spot, but after five returns averaging 22 yards, he showed promise as the primary KR on special teams. The Giants are still paying him too much money to be in this role, but at the very least, he may have plugged the second central hole on special teams since we discovered Gunner Olszewski last week.

Wan’Dale Robinson: He caught the day’s only touchdown and had a few nice catches for 35 total yards.


Brian Daboll: There have been a lot of bad breaks this season, but seriously what happened to the coaching staff? We faced a team who just fired their General Manager, Head Coach, and Offensive Coordinator, and we only managed 6 points!!! Don’t run the “brotherly shove” with a QB coming off a neck injury to start. The last time DJ ran that play, it took out three starters, and we aren’t good at it! All the reasons fans fell in love with the regime last year have vanished; the offense lacks creativity, and they haven’t looked well coached. It’s embarrassing, but in no way do I think Daboll should be fired.

Wink Martindale: The Giant’s defense has played well the last few weeks, but this was a disaster in the first half. The defense allowed 334 yards and 24 points in the first half against a team starting a late-round rookie QB, and I still don’t know who was calling plays for the Raiders.

The Giant’s season may be over, but plenty of football remains to be played. The team will probably look ugly the rest of the year, but it’ll be necessary for the younger to continue to develop and give GM Joe Schoen more roster clarity heading into the offseason.