Why Malik Nabers Was The Correct Pick for The NY Giants

2018. That was the last year the NY Giants had a receiver reach 1,000 yards in a season. Odell Beckham Jr. tallied 77 receptions for 1,052 yards in the final year of Beckham’s NY Giants tenure. The closest since was last year, when Darius Slayton caught 50 receptions for 770 yards.

PHOTO BY: LSU’s Gus Stark

The franchise has always struggled with receiving yards. It was known as a hardworking, power-run team that would wear you down. They beat defenses into submission using a mauling offensive line and a bruising running back. In its history, established in 1925, the team has only had 11 players hit the century mark in receiving yards. Among those 11, six did it more than one time.

Del Schofner1961-1963
Homer Jones1966-1968
Amani Toomer1999-2003
Plaxico Burress2005, 2007
Victor Cruz2011-2012
Odell Beckham Jr.2014-2016, 2018
Note: Burress had 988 yards in 2006, and Cruz had 998 yards in 2013.

The sad part is that the younger fans of this team probably only know Beckham. It is time for a change. The game now is a passing league. Deep throws downfield, big-bodied receivers that can run with exceptional speed, slot receivers that are electric after the catch—this is the NFL.

Beckham, Cruz, and Burress had something in common. They had a soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback throwing to them. The Giants do not have such a thing on their roster. This is where some would say, “What good is a receiver if you have no one to throw to them?”.

The quarterback room at Met Life probably does not scare any NFL defensive coordinators. Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Tommy DeVito are not Eli Manning; I do not dispute that. With a bad offensive line, terrible playcalling, and no number-one receiving threat, it is no wonder it’s been as long as it’s been.

The Daniel Jones haters will tell you he is not good enough, and that’s why the team fails. The Jones apologists say the Giants have failed with roster moves and draft picks that did not pan out.

I fall somewhere in the middle.

The Giants organization has failed Jones in constructing a competent roster around him. The offensive line has been putrid and consistently ranked at the bottom tier of the NFL for the last five years at a minimum. He has had no alpha receiver to bail him out when needed. How could he compete most of the time when running for his life? He did a ton (playoff win), but there was not much to work with.

On the other hand, did he help himself? Poor throws at inopportune times, Seattle last year, inconsistent play, and indecisive decision-making make for a bad quarterback.

So, why not take a quarterback in the draft’s first round?

General manager Joe Schoen saw his opportunity to make a splash and get his quarterback (remember, Schoen did not draft Jones). The Patriots, seemingly, were looking to trade out of the third spot and play make a deal. Drake Maye, the former North Carolina star, would be the prize. The asking price:

2024 second-round pick (No. 47)
2024 third-round pick (No. 70)
2025 second-round pick

Explain how you build a roster around a star quarterback with no draft picks.

With the Drake Maye dream over, pick #6 came, and still, no one knew what the Giants would do. Former Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy was available, and much pre-draft hype was putting him in a Giants uniform. McCarthy was coming off an undefeated National Championship-winning season, but was a franchise quarterback?

Ultimately, Schoen decided not to and drafted the correct player in Malik Nabers.

A point here is if you think he’s the guy, get him. Schoen tried, but Maye was also the Patriots guy, and they had the pick. They stood tall on their asking price, and the Giants felt it was too much and, to me, made the right choice.

The worst thing you can do is reach for and miss on your high draft picks. The Giants have done that far too many times. Maye looked good in the photoshopped Giants blue, and McCarthy was not worthy of a sixth-overall pick.

Malik Nabers was.

The right choice was made.

Whether you feel Daniel Jones should be given another final opportunity, it does not matter that #8 will be behind center, so why not give him some help? Schoen addressed the offensive line with five free-agent signings and drafted who I believe was the top receiver in the draft.

Jones will most likely be gone after the year is over, so let’s see what he can do with some help.