Big news out of the NFL today, the Arizona Cardinals released All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins taking on $22.6M in dead money this season. It felt inevitable for the last few months that DeAndre Hopkins would not be on the Cardinals roster at the start of the season. The Giants were rumored to be in trade talks for Hopkins prior to the draft but nothing materialized. The question now is, should the Giants and Joe Schoen pursue Hopkins on the open market?

Jennifer Stewart/Associated Press

Hopkins was recently asked on the “IAMATHLETEpod” about which quarterbacks he’d like to play for. He answered Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Herbert. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of many Giants fans, Daniel Jones didn’t make the list.

Regardless, it would be futile if DeAndre Hopkins were interested in signing with the Giants. The Giants are not a DeAndre Hopkins away from being genuine Super Bowl contenders. According to Vegas Insider, the Giants are currently third in their division to win the NFC East at +600, behind the Eagles at +100 and the Cowboys at +175.

Would DeAndre Hopkins improve the Giant’s roster right now? Absolutely! But he will not put the Giants over the top.

He is currently 30, and if he is looking for a multi-year contract with a premium wideout salary, this is not a luxury the Giants can afford. According to Over the Cap, the Giants are listed as having $3.8M. Restructuring Leonard Williams and extending Saquon could free up enough room to do this, or limiting his cap hit this year and pushing it down the line is possible. Still, for an aging wide receiver who has yet to post over +800 yards since 2020 due to injuries, suspension, and other extenuating circumstances, this move would be very short-sighted by Joe Schoen.

The Giants are a young team still developing and adding young talent. While DeAndre Hopkins is still a premier wideout in this league and will help a team this season, that team should not be the New York Football Giants.