The New York Giants and star running back could not make a deal before the 4:00 pm deadline and the drama will continue. Some reports say the two sides were miles apart, while others say they were close to a compromise in guaranteed money and average yearly salary.


New York Giants football fans are a fickle bunch. They divide themselves like no other fan base in any sport. The offseason has been filled with the drama that has been Saquan Barkley and no one has been quiet about it.

The fans that were in Barkley’s corner are now not happy and the fans that were in general manager Joe Schoen’s corner feel he did the right thing in not “overpaying” a running back. History has surely shown us that the running back position is overvalued when it comes to the money aspect; so one cannot help but wonder if the Giants did the right thing in this situation.

Barkley has been the heart and soul of an offense that has struggled for a long time. He has done everything asked of him with very little help surrounding him. Yes, he has been hampered by injury, but relatively healthy last year and he put up the best numbers since his rookie year.

Barkley has also rejected an offer that could have reached over $19 million.

With the deadline gone, the two sit once again at a stalemate. Barkley with a $10 million dollar franchise tag, that he has not signed yet. Schoen looking to Matt Brieda, Gary Brightwell, and draft pick Eric Gray; asking who is ready to step up. The possibility of Barkley sitting for the year is an option, but do not think Barkley moves in that direction.