The turf at MetLife Stadium has finally been replaced. I can imagine the joy the San Fransico superstar Nick Bosa had on his face. Bosa and Solomon Thomas suffered season ending injuries in 2020, along with 3 other 49er players. Kyle Fuller also suffered a season ending ACL tear at MetLife in week one against the NY Jets.

Now after years of criticism, the turf the had been subject of so much conterversy is gone. Replacing it is a an improved synthetic turf, not grass; but believed to monumentaly cut down on injuries.

This new turf is an updated version of what is called FieldTurf. The new edition is the first multilayer dual-polymer monofilament fiber called FieldTurf Core system. The new infill design claims to deliver a lower rate of injury when compared to other infill weights. Researchers and several independent sourse have backed this durability and the fiber went through 200,000 cycles of a fiber wear test. Tests were conducted by Penn State’s Center for Sports Surface Research.

While not true grass Giant’s owner John Mara did not rule out that possibility in the coming years.