Bobby Okereke: Bobby Okereke was nothing short of dominant Sunday night. He was seemingly involved in every play, doing all he could to will the Giants to a win. He forced a fumble and tipped a pass, causing two turnovers. Okereke had the best individual performance from a linebacker I’ve witnessed as a Giants fan. He ended the day with 11 total tackles, two tackles for a loss, two passes defended, and a forced fumble.

Justin “Straight off the couch” Pugh: Say what you will about his performance, but every Giant fan owes Justin Pugh a beer. Justin Pugh got up “straight off the couch” and walked into the starting lineup at left guard. The Giants offensive line instantly looked better than weeks prior, which in the NFL is never allowed, so the football Gods stepped in and injured Joshua Ezedu, forcing Justin Pugh to move to left tackle. Pugh was put in an impossible spot to play a position he doesn’t play for a team he just signed with while coming off an ACL injury. What did you expect? Overall, he gets an A for effort and leadership in my book.

Micah McFadden: What a duo these two made. Mcfadden recovered Okereke’sOkereke’s forced fumble and caught his tipped pass. He added seven total tackles and has solidified himself in the defensive rotation over the last few weeks.
Saquon: Coming off an injury, Saquon did not look 100%, but he stuck in through. He struggled in the first half but seemingly found his way in the second with 19 and 34-yard runs. It was nice to finally see Saquon back on the field and significantly impact the game.

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Tyrod Taylor: I feel bad doing this because Tyrod stepped in, had a good game, and kept us alive. Tyrod showed phenomenal accuracy on deep balls and kept the ball out of harm’s way. He effectively used his legs when needed, too. He is on this list because of the debacle at the end of the first half. As a veteran player, you must know you can only check into a run play with timeouts remaining. That mistake cost us at least three points, but the game since a field goal was no longer an option during our last drive.

Brian Daboll/Mike Kafka: We had three drives get within the 10-yard line and yet zero offensive touchdowns on the day. The Giants: It seems like the first-half mistake resulted from Tyrod’s decision, but as the head coach, this is on you, too. I am still determining where the confusion began, but they must communicate better and, as a coach, make sure their players are situationally aware.

I liked how the Giants played, but I chose Tyrod and Daboll as this week’s losers because the homecoming loss stung the most for these two. The defense was phenomenal, the offensive line showed signs of life, and Darnay Holmes got his weekly holding penalty. Honestly, I cannot complain about a significantly more entertaining result than I expected. Yes, I would’ve liked the Giants to come away with the win, but they still have plenty of work to do before they get taken off tank alert.