Tyrod Taylor: Tyrod Taylor made history on Sunday. He became the first African-American QB to win a game for the NY Giants in their 99-year history. Tyrod had a clean day, throwing for two touchdowns and 279 yards. He made the right decisions and took shots down the field when needed. Giants fans should know what to expect from Tyrod. He’s arguably one of the best backups in the league and will win you games by making intelligent decisions and avoiding crucial mistakes. Taylor is the formula from now on for the Giants to win games until DJ is back.

Darren Waller: Waller led the team in receiving and caught his first TD of the season. He’s showing exactly why the Giants traded for him. Waller is a scary red-zone threat and keeps the chains moving. He caught seven balls for 98 yards and now is 2nd in receiving yards for all tight ends this season.

Dexter Lawrence and the entire defensive line: Sexy Dexy had another outstanding performance. He strikes fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators everywhere. I swear, after a dominant first drive, he was being triple-teamed. He got pressure on Sam Howell the entire game and opened up opportunities for other players, too. He ended the day with two sacks and six tackles. He’s so much fun to watch and valuable to this defense by creating opportunities for other players. The Giants totaled six sacks, and the defensive line looked great. Leonard Williams blocked a kick and got a sack, too, after trade rumors have been heating up with the deadline approaching.

Deonte Banks: Banks got his first interception!! It was a pretty one, too. He spent most of the day on Terry Mclaurin and held his own. He did get burned on one or two plays, but overall, he held up well in coverage and made some crucial tackles.

Jalin Hyatt: Jalin Hyatt had two long catches for 42 and 33 yards. He feels like he is on the verge of breaking out as the Giant’s consistent deep threat and has shown an ability to make impressive acrobatic catches that I didn’t see as much in college. The future looks bright for the Giant’s rookie class this season.


Thomas McGaughey: Find someone who can catch punts! We’ll figure out how to return them later, ONLY once someone on this team figures the catching portion out. I need to understand how it’s possible. Usually, you’d be ecstatic when the opposing team brings out their punting team on fourth down. My reaction is fear, and I can’t relax until special teams are off the field because I know the Giants muff at least 1 out of 3 punts. Who will step up to be the unsung hero capable of fair-catching punts?? WHO?

I know the Losers list is short, so enjoy it!!

There weren’t many reasons to be sad or harp on their mistakes.

Yes, Kayvon dropped a pick-six, and Saquon fumbled in the red zone.

The Giants walked away with a win. If they lost, I’d sing a different tune, but we’ll never know. Great job getting a win against a divisional opponent. Now, let’s battle for New York bragging rights against the Jets as the home team at Metlife.

Let’s go, Big Blue!