1. Kayvon Thibodeaux- KT had himself a day! This was Kayvon’s best performance as a
    Giant. He was electric, with 3 sacks, a forced fumble, and 9 total tackles. Kayvon
    now has 8.5 sacks on the season and is tied for 3rd most sacks in the LEAGUE. Ever
    since week 2, he’s been a man on a mission proving the doubters wrong every week. I
    will mention that Kayvon’s penalty which stopped the clock was one of the many plays in
    a series of unfortunate events that may have cost the Giants the game.
  2. Saquon Barkley- Saquon rushed for a career-high 36 carries gaining 128 yards and
    was singlehandedly carrying the offense. With UDFA Rookie Tommy Devito in at QB,
    Barkley took on the entire workload. Honestly, we may have been better off in the wild
    cat because Tommy Devito did absolutely nothing. Saquon showed the value he brings to
    the table and was able to do enough to secure the win, but we were let down by the
    mistakes of his teammates.
  3. Dexter Lawrence- Another solid outing for the backbone of this defense. His statistics
    were crazy but he ended the day with 3 tackles and a sack. If you watched the game it
    was clear to see his impact. He was getting pressure on most plays and eating up
    double teams. The attention and respect given to Dexter Lawrence is absurd as he just
    wrecks games while being double-teamed.

  4. Graham Gano- Oh how the mighty have fallen!! I am not sure how badly Graham Gano
    is injured but he clearly can’t kick. He missed at least one kick each of the last three
    weeks. He has now cost the Giants 2 games and should’ve been put on IR weeks ago.
    The Giants have been very vague about injuries all year, it’s time to start being more
    transparent. Based on the outside information we’ve been given the decision-making
    regarding roster construction and injury management has been questionable at best.
  5. Jamie Gillian- The combo of Gano and Gillian went from the strength of this team to
    costing them games. Can’t we keep it all together for one week? It seems like you fixed
    one issue and three more popped up. There must be something off with the Scottish
    Hammer because he was consistently punting it short or out of bounds.
  6. Adoree Jackson- WOW, you’re on this list for one of the worst PI offenses I’ve seen as
    a Giant fan. 1. You got burnt by a UDFA who is clinging onto his practice squad spot. 2.
    The ball was severely underthrown so it didn’t matter that you got burnt except you
    decided to tackle the guy early and never even attempted to turn around. As a veteran,
    this play was unacceptable and seems like the end of Adoree Jackson on the Giants. I
    would think they are going to trade him unless there is zero interest but I don’t see under
    any circumstances how you can keep him around. It’s time to let Cordale Flott continue
    to cement himself as the starter and keep the young guys on the field.
  7. GM Joe Schoen- Why are we messing around with Tommy Devito if the coaching staff
    has no confidence in his ability to throw past the line of scrimmage? We entered the
    last two games with him as the backup. Last year, roster management and winning with
    the back end of the roster is what made the difference, this year it’s holding us back.
    Depth and backup positions need to be reevaluated immediately as it has been a
    recurring issue in multiple units on the team.

I’d like to forget this game ever happened. It made me sick to my stomach to watch
the Giants throw away yet another game in a historically laughable fashion. I thought based on
the circumstances the coaching and game plan was fine. The defense dominated the Jets
offense the entire game. Outside of the final 24 seconds and the Giant’s defense giving up on
that Breece Hall touchdown I think they gave up after the flag thinking it was holding on to the
offense the defense didn’t give up an inch. Either way, the season is officially a complete wash.