After a performance like that, I cannot put anyone from the Giants team in the Winners column. But sinceā€¦ Losers: THE NEW YORK GIANTS doesn’t make for a long article. Here are a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Kayvon Thibodeaux: Thibs had another excellent game. He’s showing improved production with two sacks and two tackles. He nearly caught a pick-six from an injured Geno Smith when the game was still within striking distance. Overall, I was happy to see Thibs get home for the second week in a row, and both sacks were more impressive than last week’s freebie.

Wan’Dale Robinson: Robinson 5 balls for 40 yards and one run for 7 yards. He looked like a YAC weapon around the line of scrimmage and was way more effective than Parris Campbell in this role. Hopefully, he will continue this trend and regain the momentum he had before injuring his ACL.

Graham Gano: 55 yards and never a doubt. He is responsible for our only three points of the night. Graham Gano is the only player I’ll put my faith in until further notice.



Everyone should take the blame for this absolute dumpster fire. It didn’t feel like one position group was playing up to par.

Brian Daboll (and the entire coaching staff): John Mara said best, “In this business, it doesn’t take long to go from Bono to Bozo.” Now, Brian Daboll is no Bozo, but the tide of public opinion is strong, and if Daboll doesn’t right the ship, that tide may take him out to sea to drown. Brian Daboll’s frustrations last night seemed to hit the boiling point after DJ’s horrific 97-yard pick-six. Daboll could be seen throwing tablets and was visibly frustrated with DJ on the sideline. Overall, this team has yet to be coached to play football. It doesn’t even seem like they know how. The Giant’s coaching staff must better prepare the team for gameday and calm the ship when things don’t go according to plan.

Daniel Jones: We all saw the offensive line play. I don’t need to make an excuse for him. They’ll get their due. Daniel Jones was awful last night. He was holding onto the ball for too long, his pocket awareness reverted to his pre-2022 seasons, and his decision-making was downright terrible. One fumble, one 97-yard pick-six, and a second late-game interception. The Seahawks could have played better other than capitalizing on the free points Daniel Jones handed them.

Special Teams: WOW, was this bad? Countless penalties (I counted 7) and a muffed punt. This really couldn’t get much worse. Luckily, we didn’t lose the muffed punt, but how hard is it to find a player capable of catching punts!! It seems like a lingering issue every year that never gets addressed. Special Teams left their mark on this one.

Offensive Line: It feels deceitful to call this an Offensive Line of any sort. They allowed 11 total sacks on Daniel Jones, and I’m shocked it wasn’t more. Watching how quickly opposing defenders make it to the backfield completely unobstructed is remarkable. I don’t have much else to say, but I’m sick and tired of watching this offensive line, and I know it won’t get better anytime soon. We need a miracle.

Deonte Banks: Sorry, Rook, you got played. DK Metcalf acting like he wasn’t involved in the play, then quickly snatching a toe-tapper for the game’s first TD hurt to watch. He must’ve forgotten the Bank is open on Mondays. Let’s hope Deonte learns from his mistake and won’t be fooled again.