Coming into the 2023 NFL Draft the NY Giants knew they had some roster holes. General Manager Joe Schoen, even though just completing his first year, had to make a splash. After failing to trade up from the 25th pick to grab a wide receiver (Zay Flowers), Schoen, made a call to Jacksonville and sent a fifth-round pick (#160) and seventh-round pick (#240) to move up one spot to No. 24.
In previous years the NY Giants front office may have panicked when watching four straight recievers go off the board. Schoen did not, he stayed calm and took a player who can immediately be on the field as a difference maker.

Who is Deonte Banks?
At 6’2 and 205 pounds, Banks has the size to compete with the NFL’s wide recievers who grow increasingly larger by the year. He is physical at the point of attack, has the flexibility and mobility to show smooth transitions in and out of breaks. He uses that physical ability to attempt to jam the receiver at the line of scrimmage. He may get too aggresvive at times leading him to play catch up in a trail position; but he has the speed and athleticism to make up for it. A very aggresive player, not afraid to tackle. He will need some coaching as his aggresiveness does lead to holding and grabbing, in the NFL he will not be able to get away with it. He fits the system and will allow Defensive Cooridinator Wink Martindale to keep him and Adoree Jackson on an island while blizting from all areas. With a 4.3s 40 yard dash, a vertical of 42″ and braod jump of 11′.4″ you can see why the front office was thrilled he was available and trade up.