The New York Giants defeated the Washington Commanders Sunday afternoon in an exciting toilet bowl match of the NFC East. This game was full of excitement and turnovers ending in a 31-19 G-men victory that has left the fan base with mixed feelings. While many advocate for tanking and believe winning meaningless games is only hurting the team, I am not in that camp.

Winning is suitable for everyone, and in the spirit of fair competition and now the world of sports betting, teams tanking for unknown draft picks undercuts the integrity of the NFL and ruins the overall product. Remember the days of tanking for Chase Young? How’d that turn out for the Commanders? Our consolation prize was Andrew Thomas; I don’t think anyone regrets winning those games.


Tommy Devito: Guess what? Unlike his Good Fellas counterpart, Tommy Devito became a made man on Sunday. I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it: There is nothing like an excellent get-right game against the Commanders to boost your confidence. Sunday’s victory was no different. Tommy Devito ended the day with three passing touchdowns for nearly 250 yards. The undrafted rookie free agent looked comfortable and poised and spent much time on his back (sacked nine times), but Devito got the job done. The kid is tough, and he will continue to fight the rest of the season; regardless of how you feel about the Giants draft position, you have to be happy for the local NJ Italian kid living his dream and getting his first win as the starter of the NY Giants. Is it just me, or do you smell Chicken Parm, too?

Kayvon Thibodeaux: Another two-sack game for the closer. Kayvon had been quiet the last two weeks but decided to call his shot at halftime against LT Charles Leno by thanking him for getting to double-digit sacks. He made good on his promise and earned his second sack of the day, bringing his season total to 10.5, tied for 5th in the NFL and the first player in a Wink Martindale defense to record double-digit sacks.

Saquon Barkley: Since returning from injury, Barkley has put up monster numbers. He leads the league in rushing yards since he got healthy and averaged almost six yards per carry on Sunday. He showed off his receiving abilities with four receptions for 57 yards and a touchdown.

The Giants Defense: Every time I looked, they caused another Commander’s turnover. There was too much happening on the defensive side of the football to keep track of: Isaiah Simmons’ game-ending pick-six, two more INTs from Darnay Holmes and Nick McCloud. Okereke forced two fumbles and 14 tackles, and Flott forced another fumble. Overall, the Giants forced six total turnovers, which is absurd.


Offensive Line: Devito was sacked nine times. He held onto the ball for a long time and caused at least 3-to 4 of those sacks. He will have to learn when to get rid of it, but the o-line was the most glaring issue of the day for the G-men.

Overall, it feels great to get a win. I thoroughly enjoyed beating the Commanders and watching the excitement from the players rallying around Tommy Devito. Hopefully, the momentum carries into this week vs the Patriots, and the Passing Paisano can get his second straight victory.