Tommy Devito: Captain Cutlets is cementing himself in New York Sports Lure as the next Linsanity. The Italian family from New Jersey is sweeping the nation, while Tommy Devito has united New York football. Many Jets fans can’t help rooting for the local NJ kid. Tommy Devito played exceptionally well last night. He ended up with only one passing touchdown, but his pocket awareness and willingness to get first downs with his legs made the difference. Remove all the hype and Italian hand gestures from the equation. Tommy Devito is a rookie UDFA QB and playing exceptionally well; given the circumstances he was thrown into, it’s a miracle the Giants are one game out of the playoffs and playing meaningful football in December.

Kayvon Thibodeaux: KT is an absolute baller; he continues to make plays when it seems the Giants need it most. He had a pass batted down on a crucial third down, forced a red zone fumble, and got a half sack (which should have been credited as a full sack, in my opinion). The most significant improvement we have seen from Kayvon is his tackling in the run game. Kayvon is becoming the star pash rusher the Giants fans have dreamed of, and I am excited to keep watching him make plays on Sundays. ‘

Wan’Dale Robinson: Wan’Dale may have had the best individual performance of any player tonight. He made tough sideline catches, picked up crucial first downs, and made the most critical play that got the Giants in field goal range to end the game. He has shown the ability to separate past the line of scrimmage, and I expect his usage to continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Deonte Banks: The rookie had a fantastic game with 12 tackles and a few pass breakups on crucial downs. It’s exciting to see the rookie corner come into his own and lock down the opposing team’s receivers. He dropped what should’ve been the second interception of the game, but at this rate, there will be plenty more opportunities to make up for that one.


Bobby Mccain: This one is pretty obvious. Bobby, you have to know where the ball is on special teams. This extremely unlucky play ended up costing the Giants a field goal, but it feels typical of this special team’s unit blunder that can expect to commit one massive blunder a game.

Danny Dimes: Monday night, the Devito family put out a hit on Danny Dimes, so he better keep his head on a swivel before he gets whacked. In all seriousness, Devito playing the Giants out of the top draft position to get a top QB may benefit Jones the most. Still, there is time to consider Devito a legitimate threat for the starting job. At this rate, Tommy might play Danny into sleeping with the fishes if he keeps winning.

The Giants pulled it out, breaking their nine-game losing streak on Monday Night Football. The late-game Saquon fumble seemed to seal the Giant’s fate, similar to the Bills and Jets blowups, but Tommy Devito and company kept their eye on the prize and got Randy Bullock in field goal range to win the game.