When said in the NorthEast, the name Tommy DeVito can mean certain people to certain people.

Some think of Goodfellas and the Oscar-winning performance of Joe Pesci. Playing the role of “Tommy DeVito,” Pesci mesmerized audiences with the portrayal.

Others, maybe an older crowd, might think of the musical sensation that was the Four Seasons, founded by, yes, Tommy DeVito. Franki Valli famously led it, but DeVito started it and, ironically, was a childhood friend of the aforementioned Pesci.

Fast forward to 2023, and the only Tommy DeVito people are talking about is the one that takes up center for the New York Giants. Tommy “Cutlets,” as the masses have affectionately coined him, has conjured up hysteria not seen around here since Jeremy Lin set fire to MSG.

DeVito burst onto the scene, and an already rather Italian fan base became enamored with his stories of him still living at home with his brother. His mom cooking for him and making his bed. Maybe because many can relate and grew up in those households, once he pulled the “finger purse” gesture after a touchdown, every Italian sat up and screamed Ma cosa stai dicendo! (What are you talking about!) a legend was born.

In a season that has disappointed many Giants fans to the dark realms of fandom, Tommy DeVito is doing what he can to shine a light and bring us out.

Whether or not this young man can continue this success is yet to be determined and should not matter. The Giants are what they are this year, so we should enjoy this bit of fun while it lasts and say Grazie per la tua luce signor Devito.